Our Marketing Agency Based Silver Spring, MD can help your business to convert your current subscribers to future customers through email marketing

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Here's How Are Silver Spring Based Marketing Agency assists clients to win customers with email marketing

Marketing agencies such as the The Digital Marketing Company of Silver Spring know how to use email marketing as a tool for generating revenue. Email Marketing is one of the most efficient (and economic) methods of manufacturing and growing leads. With our email marketing best practices, email design, coding and copywriting and strategy development as well as transparent reporting, we can help your business expand its revenues, revenue and operations.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Our email marketing marketing agency will first develop an email marketing strategy for your company defining  the who, what, where and how of your campaign. We will investigate and find out who your target group is. We will then create an e-mail marketing strategy to identify and improve your messages. Finally, we decide when and how to send emails and how to move them to your campaign for email marketing.

Our Email Marketing Services

Lead Magnets

Once we have developed your email marketing strategy, we will develop your current client profiles. lead magnets. Lead magnets are deals where you provide something worthwhile for an email prospect. A few examples of lead magnets are free guides, checklists, quzes, eBooks and other lead magnets.

Call To Actions

Upon completion of lead magnet, we will place a call to action in your website's high-visibility and busy areas. This will help you convert your e-mail prospects much easier. Headers, pop-up forms, sidebar forms, and site call-to-actions are commonly used.

Paid Campaigns

The fastest way to expand your email list is to promote your lead magnets. To this end, you will need our social media marketing or SEO services. Our agency promotes your lead magnets in social media and via search engines in order to increase the number of subscribers. We'll also send ad traffic to an individual landing page that can allow people to quickly subscribe to your email list.

Email Marketing

We normally work with email marketing software and services to build your campaigns: Constant contact, drip or mailchimp. Our agency will help you select and implement one of the above e-Mail marketing services in order to collect leads and submit e-mails. We will combine it with ourselves if your favorite email marketing software is within our capabilities.


Our email marketing specialists can create email newsletters tailored to the needs of your company. We use best practices for email marketing in all the emails that we create, for delivery, open rates, click rates and conversions. Your emails may contain related blogs, case studies, forthcoming activities and other material.

E-list Management

Our company will also keep the list regularly. Unengaged users should be deleted as quickly as possible from your email list. If your subscribers do not interact with your email, you will suffer from your email delivery. In other words, you will be spammed if you have a poor list. To ensure you have a responsive email list, we will keep track of your contacts regularly.


Our company will report your e-mail marketing results to you every month. The key metrics we are looking at are subscribers, opening rates, click rates, and conversions. We study, evaluate and strategize every month to improve these results.

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Please be aware of the constantly changing digital marketing environment. Experts, podcasts, and bloggers declare something hot one week and dead the next. 

In fact, digital marketing has less to do with “digital” than with “marketing” because of the maturity of online marketing. It has already laid its foundations.

At The Digital Marketing Company of Silver Spring, our ultimate objective is to clear out the uncertainty regarding strategies that work and employ proven business strategies. We strongly oppose so-called gurus advocating the new ‘fast-fix item that should destroy the email, digital advertising, or SEO marketing.

Everything here is about the basics.