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Our FAQ Page answers a number of popular topics from Silver Spring, MD Based Business Owners Regarding Online Marketing 

Content is anything that sends your audience a message. Content marketing means some form of content is being used to help the company attain a marketing goal. This may involve attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, increasing awareness of your brand, goods or something else. Content is available in all emails, any blog or social media advertisements, each website and all product descriptions.

Content marketing helps not only to boost your business’ income, it also helps to drive your sales.  It helps you to control more than conventional marketing and fosters discussions with the target audience. Content marketingds raises brand visibility and enhances the reputation of your brand. Content marketing has an increased return on investment, and as a result of content marketing you generally witness an increase in your social media audience. As a result of content marketing, your product sites are more accessible as your search rankings are increased while your audience is expanding as more visitors visit your site.

Videos over text-based content are very popular, which is one of the main reasons why videos fit perfectly in your marketing strategy. A survey found that 53% of individuals would like to see more videos in the future. Due to the increased demand for video, your video content is more likely to be seen by a target audience and to watch video content than other types of content. In turn, this will enhance your chances that you will contact your brand and buy from you after your video content is interacted.

Behind The scenes

By taking your followers in behind the scenes, your brand will be better understood and seen as more transparent to your audience.


Social stories, like content behind the scenes, are a great way to make your audience authentic while still encouraging them to be innovative with how you interact. It usually is included on an app at the top of a user screen for better visibility than your usual newsfeed.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos explain the conflict and provide a sensory stimulation to the audience. These videos are of use to companies which provide more creative clarifications of complicated goods or services. They allow you to be more innovative in explaining your product or service by means of eye-catching graphics and animations.


Live videos have some other video format of the highest reach. Live sessions on Facebook receive 10 times the number of video comments. People often spend up to three times as long watching videos live as before watching videos. To answer followers’ questions, to broadcast cases and to show a new product or function, use live videos.

Digital Advertising

Start on Google and/or Facebook. These two sites account for 80% of all referral traffic according to the Business Insider and are higher than all other channels combined. Youtube is also an effective and popular channel.

Through the search for relevant keywords, such as “plumber near me” or “local plumber” people use Google. You will offer keywords that help people to find you that lead to hyper-relevant sales interactions, based on queries and intentions of people. It pays for Google to provide its end user with the best and most important results. This also makes SEO or search engine optimisation of your ad spending using Google very important.

Your post will appear on your target audience’s newsfeed with Facebook advertising. You can invest as little as you want and still reach many people. Often because the social network is your target audience, you have a lot of knowledge because you collect information on user actions regularly. With all this information, they have become today’s most effective and targeted advertising platform.

The most important measure is the number of minutes viewed on Youtube. You work the same way as conventional TV, play ads in the videos and sometimes in a video or after a video. Your objective is to keep you on the videos web. Yes, it’s disturbing, but your YouTube ads are always important. As you can tailor your advertising to YouTube channels, you’ll be able to reach your people more efficiently by tailoring the types of videos you stream, and what you are looking for.

Whether we want it or not, we live in a social world. Your customers will be on social media and share their stories and views on you, your company and your industry. Are you paying attention?  A thorough social media strategy enables you to stay on top of online conversations while keeping you up-to-date, allowing you to lead, interact and sell.

We certainly do offer those services! However, it is more than simply throwing out an email when a new blog post is written at the Digital Marketing Company of Silver Spring. It is not merely e-mail updates to send if you have an offer or a deal.

We will help you understand, when you send emails, what kinds of emails and which advertisements you will run to reach your subscribers to master email marketing for your company. Three different types of emails will be used by your email marketing campaign.

Transactional – for customer support delivery.
Relational – communication and maintenance of subscriber relationships.
Advertising – in an effort to increase sales.

This way will take your customer from promotion to acknowledgement to conversion from prospect to client. As the prospect goes down the road, your lifetime value is increasing and your business will receive more income and prosperity. That’s why we call it the journey of values. And you speed up the journey by email.

SEO is a primary source of leads for any company with higher closing and conversion rates than other sources. This is primarily because SEO focuses on the intention of the end user instead of the purpose of your company to draw the attention of end users. People searching for products and services are explicitly using SEO. You should rethink your plan if your SEO Tactics do not higher gains.  A local competitor is probably taking your piece of cake.

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