We are a Silver Spring, MD video production company that produces video content that enhances conversions and sales of your products and services. 

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Here's how our video production company is creating video content for your business in Silver Spring, MD

Our Video Company Will Develop A Strategy

We will help you attract the appropriate people, share the right video content with them, and promote the video through research and preparation for optimal visibility.

Our Video Agency Will Create A Dynamic Video

We create a custom video that encourages the target audience to take action and engage with your products and services.

Our Video Marketing Agency Will Promote Your Video

We deliver your videos to your public on social media, where they are the most likely interact with the distribution of social media and targeted publicity.

Our Video Production Company Services


A short ad or a behind the scenes video may is an example of an event teaser or "recap." A Live Multicam feed can be filmed for a day or edited for days after the event.

Commercial And/or Ad

If any web video has been boosted or sponsored, it can be commercial. It can be in multiple formats, including scripted, documentary, or animated.


An event video technically, but it has a separate format. "Love Story" is the wedding day's visual recap, with speeches and audio vows. The complete Multicam ceremony is a supplement.


Authentic storytelling driven interview. Most paid video works have this basic format. Not necessarily a "documentary," because it is advertising.

Corporate Video Production

The general term for the most paid video work, however, is extremely different in format. "Corporate video" can be a long training video or a very produced short video.

Real Estate Video

A visual celebration that brings to mind all of the whistles and bells such as Steadicam, drone, slider, time-cap and FX. A photography package usually includes this companion piece.

Social Media Typography

Visual assembly, with all the information provided by text. The audio is most often muted, so music and narrative are optional.


Many video formats promote an idea or a topic instead of an organization. Managed frequently by one customer but financed by another.

Music Video

Lip sync or totally creative movie. Corporate customers also ask for a "music video" for an audio story without a brand, product or video event.

Popular Video Marketing Agency Content Types We Produce:

Try Our Video Agency Services

Our full-service video company can produce dynamic videos that promote awareness and participation in your products and services, from corporate videos to video services and everything between.

The Digital Marketing Company of Silver Spring employs a complete team of video professionals with extensive expertise to produce, direct, write, record and edit video content. Our brilliant video team is supported by a network of independent talent on- and off-screen. We also use the best cameras, audio equipment and post-production tools in the industry to create high quality videos, which support you in achieving your business objectives. All equipment or talent we don’t have on hand immediately will be sourced. Tell us what you need – camera crews for the location, post-production assistance, video animation, directing help, scripts – and we’re going to look after the rest.